Sunday, March 2, 2014

Laughter post 16

What have you liked most/least about 20 time?

What I've liked most about it is the freedom, this is probably one of the most, for lack of a better word, carefree projects I have ever done. There's only one other time where I've had this much freedom and that was last year for a Frankenstein project, but that was still much more strict than this project. What I've least liked about it is the pressure that I think everyone is feeling, even though failure is an option for our projects it almost feels like it isn't with all the stuff with Ted and Evernote. Although, it isn't too often that I have a project without pressure, so I sort of expected it to put pressure on us. 

What would you do differently?

In my project personally I would probably wish to be a bit further ahead than I am now, as in recognizing errors that can't be fixed sooner so I didn't have to waste so much time on them. But those mistakes did teach me some valuable lessons such as: sometimes things just aren't going to work out but you need to keep trying regardless, or sometimes even with meticulous planning you're going to have to wing it. But as a group, as in the whole class, there isn't much I would really change, the project runs pretty well as is. 

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  1. I think you've gotten incredibly far considering what a difficult project you've selected.You've got a great attitude about it though. Any progress with the map? And when is the TedX event? Are you super excited?